Our instructors bring a relaxed, humorous, and informative style to teaching. All of our classes have had fun and friendly people; come join us to learn this fascinating game or brush up on your current bridge skills. Bridge has the suspense of poker, the mental challenge of chess, and the excitement of athletic sports, all in a sociable setting where you are a participant, not just a spectator.

Join in the fun!

Defense in the 21st Century – it’s the most exciting part of the game.


 July 23 – August 27 

            Tuesday Evenings 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Defense is a combination of skill, luck, and communication with your partner.  As defenders you must give each other as much information as possible to achieve your goal of defeating the declarer’s contract.  Communication is paramount.  You are not only trying to take your side’s tricks, you are trying to prevent declarer from enjoying their side’s tricks.

WK1 July 23, Opening Leads vs NT & Suit Contracts, WK2 July 30 2nd hand/ 3rd hand play, WK 3 August 6 Attitude Signals, WK4 August 13 Count Signals, WK5 August 20  Suit Preference Signals, & WK6  August 27 Interfering with the Declarer/Making a plan for the defense.

Class is $99 including text.  Single session $15 If you’ve taken this class before it $10 to repeat.  taught by Kathy Venton

Five Steps to Simply the Endplay

 September 10 & 17
              Tuesday Evenings 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

Improve Your Declarer Play: Five Steps to Simplify the End Play (Audrey Grant Bookmark)

Ever wonder which way to finesse when you have:

K T 3

  A J 4 ?
Half the time the Q is on the left and half the time on the right.  If you can get the opponents to lead this suit for you, you will always pick up the Q.  Learn to identify a suit best lead by the opponents.  Eliminate all their other options.  Put them on lead and make them help you.

Class is $35 including text.  $15 single session. taught by Kathy Venton

Basics I – Beginner Bridge Class

Bridge Basics 1: An Introduction - Textbook

An introduction to the world’s greatest card game; you will learn opening bids, responses, and how to plan to play a hand in no trump and a suit contract. Each class is seven weeks.

Tuesday Evenings starting September 24,

6:30- 8:30  p.m.  with Kathy Venton

Schedule for the class: Week 1 – Introduction to Bridge, Week 2 – 1N Openers & Responses,  Week 3 – Major Suit Openers & Responses with a fit, Week 4 – Major Suit Openers & Responses with no fit or game going values, Week 5 – Minor Suit Openers & Responses, and Week 6 – Stayman, Week 7 How to show a 5 card major in response to Opener’s 1N. Class is $95 including text. Single sessions  $15.

 If you wish to repeat this class it’s only $5 per session